15 Minutes of Culture in the 6th World
Hoi Chummers! I'm Joules, also known as "RainbowSmite" to my chummers on the Matrix. I'm one of the local "freelancers" here at Nanny Aug's "dining establishment." (Don't criticize her eggs and kracon breakfast, or else your next bone reset is gonna be done sans anesthesia... or warning.)

This little datahaven of mine, filled with tips, tricks, stories, and advice is something to keep me busy during down time. Hopefully the advice here keeps some of you from flatlining, not just physically but professionally. Nanny runs a tight ship and her patrons all behave themselves. But out in the fringes, out in the barrens, the wrong attitude will get you blacklisted if you're lucky. Killed if you're not so lucky.

And in the Shadows, sometimes luck is more valuable than skills. (I'll tell that story later.)

So sit back, grab a soykaff and click on the ARO that interests ya.
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